Thursday, January 4, 2018

growing up

The last time I posted in this blog was one year ago.

It's 2018 and guess what? I'm on maternity leave.  We are nervously waiting for the arrival of our baby girl :).  It's weird to be on leave - I have never been not-working.  So it is a strange phase of "nesting", organizing and making sure we have the majority of thing we need for our baby girl. Trying to be prepared - as prepared as I can be.

I just want to write and say that I am truly thankful for my life.
It is amazing to wake up realizing that today is so, so much better than yesterday, than last year, than ten years ago, than ever before.  I guess this is what growing up feels like? Not just on number (age), but emotionally and psychologically.

I've struggled in the past - dealing with rejection, self doubt, and many other feelings and emotions.  Most are self inflicted.  Often there's the constant thought of "am I good enough?".  Occasionally I still feel like that.  Especially with the anticipation of becoming a mom: "will I be good enough?".

I don't know.  But I'll do my best.  We will do our best.

I have a great partner that is my husband.  He snaps me back to reality - when I need him to.   And he doesn't sugar coat things - which is very refreshing!

I'm really thankful for being where I am right now.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

back and forth

Here I am again.

The desire to blog is back again. There's been a flood of ideas of what I wanted to write.
But now that I have a moment of silent, in front of my computer... and I don't know where to start.

Life is strange like that, you know.
One moment you're moving forward.  Another second, you feel as though your staying still and even sometimes - move backward.

This page is like a blank sheet of paper.  And I don't know what to write on it!

So I'm just gonna end it here LOL.

Maybe next post will be more substantial!