Monday, January 1, 2007

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About Hany

I was born and raised in Indonesia. I came to the US in 1998 to continue my education, but ended up finding more precious things during my stay here:
1. My true love
2. My other true love: baking
3. Friendships

So I’m staying here for now. Office worker by day; baker by night and weekend.

My culinary background

A few years after college, I decided to explore the world of baking and pastry more seriously. I attended the part-time Baking & Pastry Arts program at the Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell. It’s a 10-month part-time program (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings 6p-11p), followed by a 240-hour externship. It was one of the best times of my life. It's where I met my lifelong-teachers: Chef Doug and Chef Alana.

I feel in love with PCI the first time I set my foot there: brand new kitchen and appliances, small classroom, and an option for part-time program with pretty flexible payment plan. The program starts from the very basic, assuming that the students have no prior experience in baking & pastry. It covers almost every aspect of baking & pastry: from simple cookies, basic bread dough, laminated dough, pies and breakfast pastries, to plated desserts, advance cakes, wedding cake construction, buffet pastries, and chocolate confections.

My opinion about schools in general is that, given great teachers, you can learn as much or as little as you want. So with fabulous teachers like Chef Doug and Chef Alana, it was really up to me to learn as much as I could.

After completing the hands-on training program, I completed my externship at Satura Cakes. I learned a lot about bakery production during my externship and met many wonderful and talented Pastry Chefs. In the end, I decided to leave Satura Cakes to explore other things in baking and pastry arts.

Update 5/12/2010: At the end of 2009, I decided to leave my day job in exchange for an internship opportunity at the San Francisco Baking Institute. I am learning so much and more than I can possibly imagine. Not sure what I'll do after the 6-month commitment ends. We'll see! ^_^

Update 9/15/2011: I've decided that I want to travel to South East Asia and Australia. It's been too long since the last time I spent time with my parents.  And who knows, maybe Australia could be a better place to live ^_^.

About this blog

This blog was not originally a food blog, but my love for everything sweet has converted it into one. So now, this blog is for me to keep track of all the desserts and pastries I have made and to record my culinary journey. Not sure where I’m going to at this point. So we’ll see where my life takes me! ^__^

hany jong