Sunday, April 29, 2007

nice weekend

this weekend has been a nice, productive weekend. i feel like i could use another day just to sleep in and relax. but then again, i could always use an extra day off anytime... ha ha ha

hubby and i were pretty active this weekend. we helped our friends on a martial arts tournament that they're hosting at their school on saturday. and then we also visited the in-laws. they seemed really happy that we came just to visit them. occasionally they complain that we don't visit them often enough. so stopping by at random occassions is a good idea. sunday was pretty laid back. just relaxed in the morning, and then our other friends called and invited us for dinner at their house. that was very impromptu, but turned out really nice and fun.

i started preparing our save-the-date card. trying to figure out what kind of glue works best to stick photo to a cardboard. i now know that UHU is not a good one to use. it made the paper warped once it dried out. maybe i'll just use double sided tape.

anyway, it's monday again. back in the office again. i just bought a new set of headphones, which works great because once i put it on, i really can't hear anything around me. that's a good thing cuz this way i can't be bothered by anything.

can't wait to go home. oh yeah, BART is free today due to the collapsed highway incident that happened over the weekend.

Friday, April 27, 2007


i am so GLAD it's friday! it's time to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul ^_^.

nothing much planned for this weekend. i'm thinking of doing some baking. haven't done that for a while. but at the same time, i also want to go shopping. i need a new headphones for my computer & ipod. the one i have is starting to act up :-(.

our home computer just died yesterday. boohoo.. i guess it's time to buy a new one. and this time, hubby is open to the idea of getting a mac. so, i'm actually feeling a tiny bit happy that the windows died. hahaha i'm so bad. i'm thinking about getting the mac mini. i think that's sufficient for our home computer. the only bad thing is that the mini only comes with intel core duo. i wish it comes with the intel core 2 duo :-(. oh well.... u can't get everything, right?

oh and i also wanna buy michael buble's newest album "call me irresponsible". it's not out yet. the release date is may 1st. i can't wait! i'm listening to his online album right now. he's also doing some tour in the US next month. unfortunately nowhere near where i live. that's kind of a good thing. that way i won't be able to spend more money buying his tickets. but ohhh i so want to watch his concert again!! :-( i guess i just have to be satisfied with his cd... hehehe many things i wanna buy. if only i have all the money in the world... see, this is why i have to keep my job! hehehe

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

vacation highlights

okay... i think i'm finally ready to put the highlights of my vacation in writing. i got the cruise compasses right by me and all the pictures are up on my desktop. also have a cup of water ready by my side in case i get thirsty. i don't think i'll be hungry cuz i just had a gigantic sandwich ^_^.

so let's start with the who's and what-not.

the whole cruise was actually meant not only for a long-overdue-vacation, but also to serve as the last hurrah for our dear friends, Kiet & Chau. they are getting married in August and this trip was for their Bachelor/Bachelorette's partay. There were eight people total in the group, including me and hubby. All of crew, except for myself, met at UCD.

the cruise began on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007, and ended on Sunday, April 14, 2007. the cruise line was the Royal Caribbean, and the ship we're on was called the "Vision of the Seas".

Day 1
we departed from SJ airport on the same flight with Kiet & Chau. we arrived early at LAX around 11:30am, but the first ones to arrive was Milly, followed by Joe. we then waited for our other two friends, Tony and Regina. we took the super shuttle to get from the airport to the port of LA. once we got to the port, we had to check in our luggage and get our seapass cards. after all the paperworks were done, we went in through security check. one funny thing that happened here was that the security lady asked me if i were an adult (her exact question, word by word, "excuse me, are you an adult?" - heck, yeah i am!!) heheheh...

anyway, the ship was pretty huge. it's not as big as i thought it'd be, but still... it's huge! first thing we did was check out our rooms (they called it "stateroom"). we designated our meeting place: the infamous BCC - stands for the Butt-Crack Corner (there's a painting of a naked lady playing a piano, and her whole naked back, including her butt-crack was exposed, hence the name "butt-crack corner"). the second thing we did was.... searched for food!! we quickly found the buffet section. they called it the Windjammer. tons of foods there... unlimited amount of smoked salmon and desserts. oh wait, before we went to the Windjammer, we purchased our soda package (yeah, soda's not included :( ).

the first day was all about exploration. we went from one end to the other, and from the top to the bottom. when the ship finally left the port, we were standing on the top of the ship, enjoying the scenery.

dinner was a sit down dinner, served in the Aquarius dining room. here we met our waitress, Suzette, and her assistant, Philip. dinner was the best time of the day. we got to enjoy unlimited fancy foods and desserts. we celebrated the first night with a bottle of champagne, courtesy of Tony and Regina. after dinner, we continued our exploration to the Viking Crown lounge. this lounge is basically the dance floor. we danced for a while, starting to feel a bit tired (well.. me at least). servers walked around the lounge with light snacks. we ended the day feeling exhausted, but excited to see what's coming ahead of us ^_^.

Day 2
day 2 was the first formal night. hubby and i woke up early, enjoyed some nice breakfast at the Windjammer, and then went to the Viking Crown lounge to see the scenery. this is when we stalked Kiet & Chau.. hehhe ..took some pics of them walking on the deck. we had lunch together with the rest of the gang, attended the ballroom dancing class, walked around, then headed to the indoor swimming pool. this is when i found out that i'm allergic to sea water >_<. i was so bummed!!! i had rashes all over my face. good thing it went away after i cleaned up. hubby and i decided to get back to our stateroom and rest. we got dressed up pretty early cuz we wanted to take some pics with the sunset. we met up at the butt-crack, and then headed to the deck. took some really nice pictures with the sunset. after that we took some formal pictures in the mid section of the ship. dinner was EXCELLENT. i had the best steak of my life. it was tender and juicy and tasty and yummy!!!! (ugh.. i'm drolling right now looking at the picture). dinner was taking quite a while. we were going to join the Karaoke Superstar, but we were late so by the time we got there there was no more room to sign up. i think we were also pretty tired so we called it a night to get ready for the next day.
Day 3

day 3 was Cabo San Lucas. the ship arrived at Cabo around 11am, but due to high water current, we weren't allowed to leave the ship. so we went to the poolside instead. it was very, very crowded and i wasn't a fan of suntanning. i was feeling pretty down :(. they finally let us go out at around noon. we had to take a smaller boat and tendered onto the port. however, due to the water condition, the excursion that we originally planned to go to (snorkeling and kayaking) was canceled.

it was pretty chaotic when we got to the shore cuz we didn't know what to do. but tony's been there before and he wanted to visit a restaurant called the Cabo Wabo. so we took the map and found our way to the Cabo Wabo. i can't believe that they let me guide them... those silly people, don't they know my lack of sense of direction??? i gotta say, we're very fortunate to arrive to the restaurant successfully.

i think this was where they started calling me little boy/girl. i got this hat from the shop-on-board store, and apparently when i put it on it made me looked like a little boy/girl ^_^ (waaaaa!). after lunch, we took a long walk that seemed like forever... hahah... we were trying to reach the beach... hahah ....didn't make it, ended up at a hagen d'az instead. good enuf for me.

got back to the ship feeling rather exhausted, but still excited! day three dinner was smart casual. i think this was when i tasted my first escargot ... it's yummy!!

the dining staff did a performance that night. all the waitress/waitresses got together on the staircase and sang a song. when the whole dining room was at peace and quiet, we yelled "we love you, Suzette!!!" to our waitress. after that... she fell in love with us... yeah, we're a bunch of irresistible crazy peeps! i ordered four desserts that night... couldn't help it! hahahaha

after dinner, we hung out for a while.. i think i got tired, so hubby and i went back to our stateroom and rest.

Day 4

Day 4 was Mazatlan! this was a very exciting day. our mission for the day was to find a beach. but first, we had to find a way to get to the beach. it's not within walking distance, so we had to take a cab. it's pretty difficult to get a ride for eight, so we ended up splitting into two groups. hubby and i went with Kiet and Chau, and had the ride of our lives!!! the taxi driver was like one you'll see in games like crazy taxi. he did not sign nor check the intersection before he turned, basically he just honked and accelerated all the way to the destination. phuih! good thing we got there in one piece. we had to walk a bit to get to the beach. it was such a nice day. the weather was gorgeous. we hung out by the beach, played in the water for a bit (i didn't stayed too long in the water cuz i didn't wanna get any more rashes). Kiet, Chau and Joe got some temporary tatooes (i think they're called hannah??... not sure). and then Joe, Kiet and hubby went parasailing. it was his first time parasailing and he took his camera with him to take some pics from the air. they're pretty neat!

here we also took some crazy, interesting jumping shots (not drinks, but pictures... we jumped and took pics of us in mid air). the results were pretty neat. especially the ones of regina and her bottle of beer ^_^.

i don't remember if we did anything that night. i think we were pretty tired and went back to our staterooms after dinner to get ready for the next day.

Day 5
Day 5 was the last port-of-call, Puerto Vallarta. Since our original excursion was canceled, we purchased another package (slightly more expensive one) for snorkeling, kayaking, and lounging at the beach on Marieta island. it turned out to be a great excursion, and worth every penny (although at the beginning i got a little sea sick on the boat because it was rocking so much). snorkeling and kayaking were fun!!! i almost didn't do the snorkeling because i was afraid that i would get rashes again. but i decided to at least give it a try for a few minutes, and i made the right decision!!! the water was cold and a bit murky, but ohhh .... it was exciting! i saw some very colorful fishes.... it was fun! and then we did the kayaking. it was fun too!!! we did the snorkeling and kayaking for about half an hour, and then the boat took us to a nice private beach. the water was so clear, but unfortunately the current was high so we didn't get to play in the water.

we got back, feeling a bit tired. but the day wasn't over yet. after cleaning up, we went back out. this time we got a cab big enough for eight, and a taxi driver who's not so crazy. he stayed with us the whole time, showing us different parts of Puerto Vallarta. he took us to the local neighborhood where we bargained for some souvenir, then to the touristy strip where we took pictures of the sunset, and last but not least, he took us to a churros vendor. Joe's been craving for some churros, and thanks to him, we tasted the best churros ever!!

after that, he dropped us off by the port. dinner for day 5 was a bbq by the poolside. again, great food! pretty darn tired that day, but definitely happy ^_^.

Day 6
Day 6 was the last formal night. it felt like the journey was coming to an end. kinda sad. we decided that after the long day at Puerto Vallarta, we deserved to get a good night sleep. so, no wake up calls, nothing. just sleep till whenever. i think hubby and i woke up around 10am/11am. grabbed some brunch, did some last minute shopping for souvenir, and then just enjoy the rest of the day relaxing. it felt so nice being pampered ^_^.

we then met up with the crew at the crack, all dressed up and ready to go. we took more formal pictures. dinner was again delicious. after dinner we went to Karaoke Superstar. with half a shot of tequila and a shot of something else that tony ordered for us, i was able to gather enuf confidence to went on the stage... and pretty much embarrassed myself... hahhaha sang "i do" with Milly, dedicated to Kiet & Chau. i ended it with tony's imfamous "this trip sux!! (i said rocks*) it is so awesome!! i love it so muchhh!!!". yeah.. i was pretty much wasted by the end of the song.

went to see a comedy show afterwards. i sadly don't remember any jokes whatsoever... yeah... went back to our stateroom after that. fell asleep immediately, woken up around 3am by an urge to pee.

Day 7
sad... day 7 was the last day. the vacation came and gone so fast! we spend the last day pretty much just lounging, hanging out, taking pictures, and trying to forget that by tomorrow, it's all going to be over. took the last pictures with the sunset, enjoyed the last dinner, took care of any discrepancies on our bills. before we knew it... the day was over.... so sad.

Day 8
the "Vision of the Seas" arrived in the port of LA around 7am. we had breakfast in the dining room. by this day, i was pretty much sick of smoked salmon and desserts (whhhaaattt?? yeah... it's possible). we then waited at the Masquerade theater for our tag colors to be called.

we got out around 11am. took a super shuttle to LAX. our flight was the first to leave LA. so we said goodbyes to Joe, Milly, Tony and Regina. the plane we had was a small jet. it only has three seats across. i don't like small plane... blah!

finally arrived back to SJ airport. said our goodbyes to our friends, Kiet and Chau, and went home. there's a feeling of emptiness when we got home. felt a bit loss... didn't know what to do, didn't know what to eat... hahahha. i guess we were having some post-vacation withdrawals.

Monday - @ home

still feeling a bit lost that day. woke up... walked around the kitchen searching for some food. hahahaha... that's sad!
did some laundry, got a massage.... missing our friends, missing the ship. looked at pictures, reminiscing...

Tuesday - back to work
it sucked!!!

well i guess that's the gist of it. like i said, no words can capture how awesome this vacation was ^_^. but lemme just say that this cruise wouldn't have been so great if it weren't for the people that went. cheers to all my friends. they are truly special people and i am so glad to have them in my life ^_^

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the best vacation

i'm having major difficulties writing about the vacation i just had the past week. it was such a blast that i just don't think words can capture even the gist of it.

anyway, just to summarize... the vacation was fantabulous. i will elaborate more later. i think i'll need to use the pictures we took as a guidance to write about our activities on each day.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

this morning we had an appointment with the DJ that we're booking for our wedding. we met him at the Dublin Ranch Golf Course where we're having our nuptial. he seems like a nice and decent guy. we chatted for a while while waiting for the coordinator (she was meeting with another client). i was kinda nice because it gave us a chance to get to know each other. i think the chemistry was pretty solid :-). he seems like the type of guy who can fit in with any types of crowd and feel comfortable talking publicly. definitely an entertainer.

when the coordinator finally done with her meeting, we introduced them to one another. they talked about the arrangement, like where the dj's table is gonna be at and how to connect the speaker and all that stuff. at first, we felt some tension among them two. i was actually a bit worry that they're gonna have a quarrel. the coordinator seems to be a bit territorial, but i can definitely understand that. i mean, it is her venue and she probably doesn't like it when some guy out of nowhere try to tell her how to do stuff. but luckily they're professional and eventually able to settle their differences ^_^ *phuih*. on our way back home, i mentioned this to hubby and he totally agreed. he was feeling the tension at the beginning too... hahahaha

after we're done with the meeting, we went around a bit to take some pictures and getting the dimension of the reception room. this was only the second time i visited this place, and i still like it!! i think i actually like it even more. it's just so beautiful. i guess it's a good thing, huh?

we then went to stoneridge mall to grab a bite as we were starving. went to CPK ASAP . it's like a fast-serve version of CPK where you have to go to a counter to place your order. there's no waiters/waitresses. the server still bring your food out, but they don't take your order, bring you toast, or refill your water. all the plates are plastic instead of glass. the food is still the same, only a different way of service. it's kinda nice if you're in a hurry.

and then we went home and finished up with our packing. i think we're ready to go now. tomorrow morning, we're off to the airport.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

can a boy and a girl be "just" friends?

this is another thing that's been lingering in my mind. can it be done? can a girl meet a boy and think, "hey this guy is cool" and then be friends without any interest for a sexual/bfgf type of relationship?

uh.... i personally think that it CAN be done. but for some reasons, many guys that i know think that it cannot be done. silly! but it's true tho. there are also the guys' girlfriends who think that it cannot be done. they then "forbid" their bf's from becoming friends with me. so sad. i just wanna be friends..... >_<

it's a different story when both the guy and his gf are my friends. then there's no problem whatsoever. but sometimes i get close just with the guy, and the gf doesn't like it. this is the case most of the time, not only with guys that i just meet, but also with some guys that's been my friends for a while. some guys i know from high school that were pretty close to me are now vanished - disappeared into thin air. some of them actually told me that their "gf" said that they should not contact me anymore, or else. there's that "or else" part that scared the guys and made them decide that their gf's are more important than me. isn't that SAD?? it's not like we're living in the same country or anything. all we can do is chat or email one another. and i'm married!!! what are those girls so afraid of??

but now i always wonder if there's a guy, without a gf, trying to get to know me. do i always have to assume that he's hitting on me? or is there a possibility that they just wanna be friends? hhmm.... >thinking thinking<

mmm... i think i'm gonna stay to my believe that a boy and a girl can be friends without sexual interest. what can i say, i'm a friendly person... ^_^

from stranger to friendship

just a thought that's been hanging in my mind of a while:

isn't it weird that sometimes you meet new people and instantly you clicked? and on the other hand, sometimes you've known a person for a very long time, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't like that person 100%?

i wonder if there's a way to somehow change the way you feel about a person.

i like the first scenario. it's GREAT when you meet someone and you click. But i hate the second one. some people that i know are truly nice people, but for some reason our personalities just don't click very well. so i can only spend so much time with them. if i stay for too long, then i'll get annoyed and need a time out. and that just sucks! wonder if there's a way to overcome that...

some people think that first impression is very important. and that i should believe how i feel when i first meet a person, because if i sense something wrong then probably there is something wrong. but that's not always true. sometimes you need time to get to know a person, and once you get to know him/her you might be able to see their true self. i just hate it when that first impression lingers. but i don't know how to get rid of it. sigh.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hyde - Shallow Sleep (English)

this is a great song. it gives me goosebumps.... thanks to my lil'bro for adding it to my iTunes. gotta get more j-pop music from him.

I just saw you
Beyond the course of time
A room that we once shared
But my memory's a haze
Forgetting what was said

I gently held out my hand
And in that perfect moment
You disappeared I lost you over again

In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you
Just how I remembered
Brimming with tenderness
And somewhere in the caim
A feeling that nothing had ever changed
Your presence close beside me till I wake

I just saw you
A moment far too brief
Before the daylight came
But my heart is beating fast
Perhaps we'll meet again

In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you
Just how I remembered
Brimming with tenderness
And somewhere in the calm
A feeling that nothing had ever changed
Your presence close beside me till I wake

I see you until I wake from shallow sleep

An artist without a brush
Can't paint upon the canvas
Without you here there is no colour
A colourless landscape

In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you
Just how I remembered
Brimming with tendrness
And somewhere in the calm
A feeling that nothing had ever changed
Your presence close beside me till I wake

I see you shallow sleep

Monday, April 2, 2007

you're not alone

there's this boy that i know. he's troubled and i wished i could help. he reminded me of myself, a long time ago. his problems might be very different than mine, but seeing him brought sadness to me. i was very fortunate because there were always family or friends who helped me along the way. they made sure that i didn't fall too deep and i owed them everything. i hope there're people there for him too. i wished i could help more. if i had known sooner, i would've.

i've got to say... people can hide their feelings very well. a smile on the face doesn't always mean happiness inside. it can be a cry for help, and only certain special people can see through the smile and know that it's only fake. others will only see what's on the outside, and not bother to care about the inside. those special people are very rare. and if you find one in your live, then you are one lucky person.

i spoke with my dad the other day, and he said that most "friends" are only befriended you because you have the same purpose for that particular time in life. it's sad to admit, but that's kinda true. you might call a person your "bff" (best friend forever) today, but once you become separated, your purposes differs and your journey together ends. i've seen this a lot going through college. sure i still keep in touch with some of them through emails and chat, but everthing is different now. somebody who's my bff seven years ago might not even know what i'm doing right now, where i live, or what my dreams and goals are. time and distance really make things change.

however, that doesn't mean that i don't have true friends. i do, and i oh-so-cherish them. i gotta admit that sometimes i take them for granted. i guess that's just to show that i'm only human. sometimes i just got so wrapped up around myself: my life, my troubles, my pain, my agony, my self image, me, me, me..... that i forgot that their lives don't revolve around mine. i forgot to say "how are you doing?". i forgot to call. i forgot to remember how important they are.

back to the boy. i believe that everybody is in my life for a reason. their presence is to teach me something; things that i should do or should not do. althought i can't help that boy, i now realize that i'm not the only one who's in pain. i'm not the only one with troubles. and i wanna help. i wanna help the way i've been helped before. it's time to stop worrying about being accepted by society, or about being better than others, or about fitting in. it's time to give a purpose to my presence in their lives.