Thursday, August 30, 2007


i can't believe that i'm about to say this... but 24 hours in a day is not enough! ^_^

i need more time. i have so many things going on in my current schedule that i feel like i have to time to stop and take a break. i haven't watched tv probably since the day i started school!

don't get me wrong, i really, REALLY, love my school. it's just that between school and work, i don't have any time left to do anything else. it's probably a good thing, since i used to always complain about not having anything to do... he he he.

Friday, August 24, 2007

dreams, goals, and knowing who you are

i attended a career service workshop at pci yesterday. as a student there, i am required to attend this 5-session workshop that supposedly will prepare us for the real world in the culinary industry.

yesterday's session was simply an intro to what we're gonna be doing in the next four sessions. the topic was "dreams, goals, and knowing who you are." Sydney, the career service representative, defined goals as "dreams with deadlines." you need to define a goal in order to make your dreams achievable. without deadlines, dreams might never be come true.

after you set your goals, you add mini-goals and milestones along the way. the ultimate goal by itself might be very overwhelming and seemingly impossible to achieve. but if you create mini-goals, it'll be easier to get to your destination. "milestone," from a project management point of view, is a critical point or stopping point where you evaluate the progress of your project. so at the end of every mini-goal, you set a milestone to evaluate your accomplishment, how to move forward and so on.

while setting your goal, you also need to know who you are in order to plan accordingly. you need to know the skills you already have, what you need to work on, how much practice you need, what's your limitation/restrictions, etc.

the assignment at the end of the day was basically to do some soul searching: finding out what your dreams are; setting up goals; self evaluating yourself; etc. i have actually done that before i signed up for the school. i found it interesting that some people actually attend the school, paying ~$200 per DAY, not knowing what they want to do afterwards. perhaps their parents are the ones making the payments... hehehehe...

for me, i know what my goal is and i have some ideas of what my mini-goals are gonna be. in general, my goal is to open a high-end custom wedding cake shop at an affordable price. i don't wanna sell wedding cakes that only celebrities and filthy rich people can purchase. i want couples, like myself and my hubby, who only have limited budgets, be able to purchase a delicious and gorgeous looking cake without paying a fortune.

how am i gonna accomplish that? it's a secret.... hahahahah truth is, i dunno yet. that's what i have to think about. i only have the first milestone, which is to graduate from culinary school.

one thing that she said that i can really relate to is that people are dream killers. when i said that i want to switch career and be a pastry chef, some people have replied with such negativity, saying things like "are you crazy? so many great bakers out there, how are you gonna compete?" or "you're going to be working so hard and not making much money".

but i guess i've dreamt about this long enough that those words didn't bring me down. they made me pause for a bit. but after all is said and done, the dream is still the same and i just have to at least try to achieve it. it doesn't matter whether i succeed or not.

at the end of the day, i don't wanna regret never trying the things that i wanna do.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


my hubby has only been away for about two days, but it feels like he's been gone much longer than that. time moves slower when he's not around. but i think i'm starting to get used to it. the first two nights were kinda rough. it's just really weird not having him around. i get so used to his presence, even when we're not really doing anything together.

i've been keeping myself pretty occupied. went shopping with the gals on sunday, and then dinner afterwards with my bros. weekdays go by faster i think. mostly becos i am so busy with school and work, that i don't really get a chance to stop or pause; which is a good thing. some friends have also offered me to stay over with them *thank you friends who have offered me to stay over!!* but my lil'bro might stay over at my place starting on thursday, so he'll keep me company. if not, then i'll rotate from one house to another. hahaha i'll be a nomad.

i got to talk to my hubby on the phone yesterday. and that was nice ^_^

felt like we're back to when we were dating, and we can't see each other all the time. funny how just talking with him on the phone really made my day ^_^ *so cheesy, i know*

anyway, went to school yesterday. the session was very interesting. we decorated our first cake in the class: almond sponge cake. i was in such a rush pretty much the whole time. that is because i kinda ruined my cake last week. we made sponge cake and we were supposed to flip it after it cools. but i think i flipped mine a bit too soon that the moisture went back into the cake and made a soggy cake. so i had to re-do my cake yesterday. i was one step behind everybody else halfway through the session. i eventually kept up, but it was tiring!! we assembled the cake and i learned a really cook trick on how to torte a cake (splitting one into multiple layers). this trick is MUCH MUCH better than the way i used to do it.

overall, it was an enjoyable session. definitely kept my minds off things.

too bad hubby doesn't have internet connection at his hotel (there is, but he gotta pay). it would be nice if i can chat with him (cuz it's cheaper ^_~). 9 more days to go. can't wait!

damn this dependency issue!! :-P

Thursday, August 16, 2007

hello, world!

it's been a while since the last time i wrote in this blog.

i was gonna write about the last wedding cake i made for my dear friends, but unfortunately i'm not in the mood to write today. my hubby is going out of the country for a business trip this saturday, and i'm just feeling a bit sad. i know ... i have dependency issues... hehehhehe but this is the first time we'll be apart for an extended period of time. so i think it's normal for me to feel this way.

other than that, i've been busy with school and work and school and work. i love the school part. not so much for the work. ever since i started school, i've been so psyched about baking and decorating and working in the kitchen, that when i'm working, i don't feel excited anymore. even my body is not liking the fact that i'm sitting in front of the computer so much (it gets sore!)

i've also just created a new blog for my cake & dessert collection: check it out when u get a chance and drop off your comments! ^_^

Thursday, August 2, 2007

the last two weeks

... have been extremely busy!!!

i think i have never, ever been this busy. so many exciting things that i wanted to write in this blog, but i simply just didn't have the time.

school started two weeks ago. and because this is an accellerated program, everything happens so fast! i just took my first final exam yesterday, and i passed! i am now servsafe certified, meaning that i now can serve you clean and safe food that won't cause you any illness... hahahaha. the chef that thaught us this class, chef Steve Long, is one of the most amazing teacher i've ever had in my life. he turned a dull, boring subject into something interesting and fun. he used real life story and taught us about the importance of maintaining cleanliness in a food service establishment. he's simply amazing.

my routine for the past two weeks has been: wake up, work, eat, study, go to school, sleep, and repeat. i thought this'll be easy to do, but noooo... on top of this, i'm also getting ready for my friends' wedding cake. the wedding is in less than two weeks now (wow. time flies). so in my spare time, i'm busy making gumpaste flowers. i had forgotten how much work roses take. but i think i've made enought to put on a dummy cake that i'm planning to build this weekend. i feel bad to my friends because i haven't been able to present them with any display and/or tasting. all due to so many unexpected things that had happened. oh and the oven problem i wrote about earlier - not entirely the oven's fault. i feel so stupid here, but the problem is mostly due to an operator error. hehehe. yep, i didn't measure the ingredients properly. that's what happened when you make partial recipee and use your brain instead of a calculator. hehehehe.. so oven's working now, and that's good news. it's still not as accurate as an electric oven but at least i am able to bake some things now ^_^.

okay, that's it for now. remember, wash your hands frequently! ^_^