Friday, September 28, 2007

one more week to go

crap! only one more week to go!!! arghhhh.....

wow time really flies when you have lotsa things to do.

honestly, can't wait till all is over so i can enjoy a relaxing weekend and just nap... hahahahah

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

not a superwoman

work - 40hrs/wk
school (incl. practice baking, reading textbooks, typing recipe @ home) - 25hrs+/wk
sleeping - 5-6hrs/wk
wedding prep - the rest of the time available in the week.

my body is starting to protest. it's not liking the way i'm treating it.

oh well, i guess i'm not a superwoman ^_^

Friday, September 14, 2007


i am 26 years old today!


another year older, another year wiser, smarter, prettier, cuter, etc. etc. *yeah i think so highly of myself* hahaha just kidding!

anyway, i think this year has been the best bday so far. "why?" you might ask.

well it's becoz i actually didn't remember that it is my bday until the day before. and even then, i forgot about it again becos there's just so many other things going on. usually, i would remember my bday a few weeks in advance, and then i'd be sort of anticipating and waiting to see what my family and friends are gonna do to help celebrate my bday. this year... no expectation, no wondering around... nothing. and it is such a great joy to see that people actually do remember!

yesterday, i went out with some classmates to santana row. at first i was wondering why in the world do they really want to go to sur la table. but it turns out that lena had told them that it's my bday and they're treating me out for dinner. isn't that sweet?? ^_^

and then i got home, feelin' a bit tired. so around 11pm, i said to hubby that i'm gonna go to sleep. but then he said no, cuz my bros and sis-in-law are coming ^_^. they came at around midnite, brought a cake (it is really yummy. lil' bro got it from some fancy bakery in san rafael. darn it! i can't remember it's name, but he said that it's zagat rated and has been in the food network. i'm tellin' ya', it's a yummy cake! ^_^), and got me a GPS!! now i will never be lost again... muahahahha

anyway.... after that, it was phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. wishing me a happy bday!

what more could a girl want? ^_^

it's a happy birthday indeed.