Friday, October 26, 2007

2 years to go

as an employee of the UC, i have to have been working here for 5 years before i get "vested". basically, once i passed my 5th year anniversary, i'll be qualified to get pension from them.

i've only been working here for 3 years... so i still have 2 more years to go if i want to get my benefits...

2 more years! 0_o

can i survive here that long?

maybe if i close my ears and my eyes the days would go faster? perhaps? ugh... =_='

i do want the pension tho... especially with the growing living expenses in the bay area. UNLESS.... maybe i should move to another country! Canada or Australia sound very appealing to me... Australia especially, since they have universal health care...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

interesting morning reading

one of my daily rituals in the morning is to log in to my google reader and browse through blogs that i'm subscribed to. one of the blogs belong to an co-worker of mine.

on her latest post, she has a link to this site that listed the 6 most terrifying foods in the world.

i spent abt 10 minutes reading through it; the further i read the more my eyes squinted... hehehhe.... very interesting reading indeed. destroyed my appetite :-P

Sunday, October 14, 2007

practical final #2

i'll be taking the practical final test for the second section of the culinary school tomorrow. we'll have to make three items in 3 1/2 hours... a dozen of croissant, two loaves of breads in two different shapes, and a basque cake (some tea cake with pastry cream filling in the middle).

one of the things that they're actually testing us on is time management. they didn't specify which item we need to do first and in what order we're suppose to make them. that's all up to us to decide.

i'm still trying to figure out what i should do first. should i do the hardest one or the easiest one first?

hmm... 0_o

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


it's all done! horray!! hehehe

everything was perfect.... (with a few exceptions of course. ^_^ being as nitpicking as i am, i can always find faults in every little things. heheheheh)

however, all in all it was a great night. hubby and i had a blast. I think everything went really closed to what we had planned.

many times during the planning, i asked myself "why am i doing this again?". i mean, i have been married to him for three years and it almost seems like i'm doing this just to get the "big day" that i didn't get. everytime i mentioned to anybody that i'm doing a vows renewal after only three years, they always gave a puzzled look. but i get the answer to that question during the father/daughter dance. before that day, even though he knew that I'm married to a guy, he had never let go the responsibility of taking care of me. when he presented me to hubby that day, he let me go. he finally gave me away. i knew i would cry during the dance, but i didn't think i would cry that much. when he held me in his arms, i just cried immediately. when he hugged me so tightly, i felt so fortunate to have such a loving father like him. during the dance, i asked him if he's happy. and he said that my happiness is his happiness. as long as i am happy, then he is happy too. (even writing this makes me cry :-p).

the next day, we visited them again at my big bro's house. he pulled out a photo album with my baby pictures. he pointed to one of the pictures, and said to hubby, with his broken english: "this is my only daugther. i have taken a very good care of her all this time. now i'm giving that responsibility to you. you must take a good care of her. even better than what i have done".

but you know what, in my heart i have always been and will always be his little girl. doesn't matter who i am with or where i am at, there will always be a spot in my heart for him. everything that i am now is thanks to him. without his guidance, i will never be the person that i am today. i can only hope that hubby & i can be as good of a parent as my mom & dad are.

anyway... after that day, i just can't help feeling happy and thankful to everybody who has helped during the planning and on the day. i feel so fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who are so loving & caring.

BUT .... now that everything is done, i have nothing else to do~!

we've opened our presents (thanks everybody for your generous gifts!!) and now we need to clean up....

but then what?

who's getting married next? can i volunteer my services? heheheh wedding cake/decor/cookies/anything?? call me *wink wink* ^_^