Tuesday, November 13, 2007

puff pastry!

i made the most gorgeous puff pastry dough in class yesterday. i was so proud of myself. my puff pastry dough usually always a little bit difficult to work with. the butter block usually leakes out of the dough; it resists when i roll it out; sticks on the table.... but not yesterday! it was just perfect! no leakage, no sticking... i was even able to lift it up and flip it when i was rolling it to do my turns.... oooh i'm soooo happy!!

today we'll be using that puff pastry dough to make another european dessert called phitiviers and a pear-frangipane tart. both of them are going to be very almond-y.

i'm more excited about wednesday class though... we'll be making strawberry-kiwi tart! i think that will suit my asian pallate better ^_^

Monday, November 12, 2007

long weekend

hubby and i spent the long weekend watching a japanese drama called hana yori dango. for those who doesn't know, hana yori dango is the japanese version of meteor garden. and for those who doesn't know meteor garden, it's a very famous chinese drama series originated from a japanese manga (comic book) that's also called hana yori dango... hehehehe

i think eventhough both series were originated from the same manga, the japanese and chinese have a very different way in portraying the characters. i like the japanese version of the female main character better (tsukushi makino) because she's more animated and more like the manga character. san chai (the chinese female character) is a bit boring and plain. as for the male characters however, i must admit that i like the chinese version better ^_^.

we spent the entire weekend (saturday and sunday!!) watching the series from the beginning to the ending... i think we even have added some words into our very limited japanese vocabulary... hahahhaa