Saturday, December 1, 2007

time to clean up!

boy, i haven't updated this blog for a while!

most of the time, i have things that i wanted to write, but never got to finish writing them. so i have plenty of posts that are still in "draft" mode. hahaha hopefully this one made it to the published mode. hehehe

anyway.. hubby & i have been living in this apartment for probably almost 6 months. even so, we both still feel like this place is not "home". it's just a place to live temporarily. to me, the main reason why i can't make this place feels like home is because the place is so friggin' cluttered!! i'm a neat freak (not at work tho! you can hardly see the surface of my desk at work ^_^). but when i'm at home, i need everything to be organize. i'm like monica from friends. the apartment where we lived before was bigger and had more storage space. the one we're living on right now is the opposite. as the results, there are still some stuff that are left in their boxes. i never got to opening them and sorting them. to top it off, we also have lots of leftover stuff from our wedding. i still have some gift boxes staked on the corner of the living room becos i haven't gotten a chance to clean them up. and even if i do have the time, there's simply no room to store them. @_@

not only a neat freak, i'm also frugal and super stingy. i hate throwing stuff away. so i keep on waiting and waiting for the next garage sale to happen so i can at least get some money from the stuff i don't want anymore.

guess what? summer came and gone, and no garage sale ever happened!! arghh!! and the stuff i don't want are still stacked underneath my dining table!! (yep that's where i hide stuff... under the tables ^_^).

since the new year is fast approaching, i made a new decision! it is time to clean up; it is time to throw away things that i don't want. it'll be hard to do this for my frugal mentality, but i need to make this place our "home" until we are ready to buy a house. it's time to plan for a DEMOLITION!