Sunday, June 29, 2008

i built a family

i wrote on my facebook account a few days ago that i was "building a family". that caused some interesting inquiries from some of my friends and co-workers who thought that ... well... i was building a family with my hubby, a.k.a. getting pregnant ^_^.

well... i am not pregnant, and the family that i was building was.... made of sugarpaste!

i had the most fun! this cake was made for a little special baby named Kyle, who is just so cute and adorable. his parents shared a very special love with each other and i just wanted to capture that in his one month celebration cake.

i had this idea in my mind, but i didn't know when to start. so when my hubby and i visited them last weekend, i asked my hubby to take a picture of them. as soon as we got home, i started working on my little dining table. i've never really made a full 3d figures before. i did make a sleeping baby for their baby shower cake, but that was not anything like building a complete human figure. my first instinct was to start from the bottom up. didn't know how fondant would hold its shape, i just eye-balled the amount to use. my first attempt wasn't so successful as they turned out fat and rounded... *he he he*. i guess i didn't wait long enuf for the fondant to start forming a crust before adding more parts, so gravity do its thing and turned the figures into some kind of blobs. well, what a girl to do but to make another one. learning from past mistakes, the second one turned out much nicer than the first. i was quite a happy camper. 

check out the progress of my work:  

i was thrilled that i was able to make it.  however, due to the re-do, i lost some valuable time that i could've used to do other things, such as baking the cake itself!  in addition to that, i was also making a cheesecake for my co-worker's retirement party on thursday.  so i was in a bit of a time crunch when friday came.  

i rushed home and started baking right away.  the chocolate cake turned out wonderful (can't go wrong with that ^_^), but after that things went sort of downhill.  out of all things, i was having the most difficult time with my buttercream and fondant >_<.  i had some buttercream already premade on the frezer.  i thawed it while baking.  by the time i was done with baking, the buttercream has thawed completely.  i creamed it and it looked fine at first.  but when i started applying it to the cake, i noticed something different.  it looked really soft and slippery.  by the time i was done frosting and filling, it was already close to midnight.  i was pretty fatigue and sleep deprived.  so i decided to just hit the bed and put the cakes in the refrigerator over night. 

woke up saturday morning, went straight to the kitchen to check on the cakes. they look fine in the refrigerator so i took it out and left it for a few minutes while i do my morning routines (coffee - a must, etc).  by the time i went back to the kitchen, the buttercream had turned back to the way it was the night before!!!! O_o luckily it wasn't sliding off the cake.   so i decided to just move forward and apply the fondant.  this was giving me trouble too!  it was soft when i rolled it, but cracked when i applied it to the cake.  the buttercream was oozing from the sides when i tried to smooth the fondant *sigh*.

i felt somewhat disappointed with the cakes because i felt that by now i should be able to use and troubleshoot buttercream and fondant in any given situation.   but the end they all came together.  it doesn't look perfect in my eyes, but i guess the topper really stole the spot light anyway ^_^.  oh and the cake tasted good too!

i had the best sleep that night.  

next weekend: a piano  ^_<

Monday, June 9, 2008

here and there

seems like it was just yesterday that i went to the san francisco airport excitedly to pick up my parents. that was three weeks ago. and just a couple of days ago, i went back to the airport. this time, not very excited. because this time it was to take my parents and bid them farewell once again.

i gotta say, this sux. it would be so wonderful if my parents don't hundreds of miles away from me. it's weird going back to my routine. it should feel like going back to "normal", but nothing feels "normal". can't help feeling like there's a void; that something's missing.

i think those who live close to their parents should feel fortunate. you're lucky cuz you can call them and visit them anytime you want. you're lucky cuz you can hug them, can hang out with them, can have lunch/dinner/breakfast with them anytime you want. you're lucky cuz you can help them out whenever they need help.

a lot of people take this for granted because it's convenience and they don't think about it. some even feels burdened by this. but being a child whose parents are living on the opposite side of the world, i cherish and value every moment i get to spend with my parents. there's never enough time, especially when real life routine is unavoidable. but three weeks is better than none. i got to travel with them, got to cook and bake with my mom, got to hang out with my dad, paint my brother's porch with him, got hug and kiss them, and tell them that i love them. i think i should still be thankful for that. it was a very fun three weeks.

of course being the baker that i am, i have to spend some of the days baking. and i am so lucky that my mom shares the same passion with me [in fact, i got this passion from her!]. look at all the stuff we've made together:

my parents love the cheesecake and the creme brulee i made for them. my mom got herself a set of creme brulee torch. she said she'll show off in front of our other relatives ^_^ (she's so cute).

we also made risoles together (the square looking thingy on the pics above). it's a mixture of cheese, carrot, peas, chicken, thicken with flour and milk, wrapped with a layer of crepe and braided and fried. it's one of the yummy indonesian concoctions that everybody loves. high cholesterol of course, but okay to eat once in a while.

i don't really know what to do now that i don't have school and i don't have my parents to visit every night anymore. i guess i'll be back to being a couch potato and watch lots of TV. hahahah.... nah... i'm gonna start with my externship search again. and of course, i'll be baking!
wish me luck & don't forget to give your parents a hug whenever you get a chance! ^_^