Tuesday, March 31, 2009

staying still

i went to a yoga class yesterday. it's been a while since i last did yoga. and lately, the most physical activity i've been doing is getting up in the morning and walk to my car (i know, it's sad). i spent 8 hrs/day sitting in front of a computer; my body is screaming.

in yoga, you practice to balance the mind and body. just like yin & yang. there's time to run and time to rest.

i'm currently in that "resting" period in my life. i'm staying still. and waiting.

i'm making plans and looking out for opportunity, but for the next few months... i gotta stay still.

i find it really hard to stay still. it's hard to find that balance; to sit when your body wants to run. after "running" through 2008... this year seems to be moving really slow. granted that it's only march. but i miss the productivity of my days last year. i really did have that balance ... until i ruined it by working 7 days/week... hahahaha

nonetheless, i miss it and i want it back. i know i will get it back, but for now... i'm staying still.

yesterday's yoga practice had a lot of staying still. i'm all sore today. staying still is exhausting.

oh and as for the cake, it's a caramel cream cake that i made for my bro-in-law's bday. but dinner got canceled since his baby girl was sick :-(. i hope she's all better now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

petite madeleines

last weekend i went to this neat place in south san francisco called the chef's warehouse. it was my first time visiting the store and i loved it! (i don't think my hubby who i dragged along would share the same affection to the store ;-)). it's got all kinds of kitchen gadgets: dinnerware, table settings, baking tools, etc.

i couldn't resist from getting some kitchen goodies, among them are a couple of mini madeleines molds :-). they're just so cute & adorable... i couldn't help it... hehehe

so yesterday, i baked some madeleines.

a lot of people refer to them as cookies due to their small shape, but they're not really cookies. these little shell shaped confections are actually little tea cakes, similar to financiers.

traditionally, madeleines are flavored with orange blossom water (orange flower water) or lemon. i used some orange blossom water that i had purchased a while ago. i actually really like the flavor. i think it's somewhat of an acquired taste, since not everybody likes it.

after doing some further research, i found out that madeleines are supposed to be in darker shade, much darker than mine. i have one batch that i thought was over-baked, that turns out to be the way madeleines are supposed to be (according to wikipedia that is. i've never been to France, so i don't know if the information i found online is accurate or not ^_^).

anyway... i like my madeleines the way i have 'em. nice, tasty, and moist!

photography by Anthony Zung ©.

[updated 3/20/09: forgot to mention that the recipe i used is from the Professional Pastry Chef by Bo Frieberg]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i feel like i've been in a blogging hiatus lately. it's not that i haven't been baking. it's just that, usually after i bake something, i've so much to say about the final product. however, lately that hasn't been the case. i baked, took pictures, edited them, and ......... nothing! i stare at the blank post and i have nothing. blah!

anyway, since there's no inspiration coming out of my brain, i'll just post pictures ^_^.

this is chocolate raspberry-mousse cake. i made this about a couple of weeks ago for my in-laws' bday. it's chocolate chiffon cake with raspberry-mousse filling and fresh whipped-cream icing. the raspberry mousse didn't have enuf tartness in my opinion. next time i'll use more raspberry puree.

i had fun playin with my baby-niece, Sydney. she's so smart & cute!!
that's all i have for now! toodles!