Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A pretty little sugar girl for a pretty little girl ^_^

Another long-overdue blog for a cake I made last week...

My sis-in-law introduced me to Andrea's mom. She wanted a small bday cake for her daughter who was turning 19. She didn't have a specific design in mind, so she gave me some info about her daughter, like her favorite things to do, her favorite colours, etc. I tried to incorporate all the information I got into the cake. Safe to say that this is a one-of-a-kind type of cake ;-).

I really liked the little girl figurine... I think it's really pretty ^_^. I hope I did justice to the real Andrea, cuz she is a very lovely young lady. When I first saw the pictures her mom sent me, I kept saying to hubby how pretty I think she is.... (I wasn't being creepy or anything..... hahahaha)
The little caterpillar took a while to make. It's Andrea's nickname, so I wanted to incorporate it in the cake. I was having trouble making it cuz I want it to be a cute lil' caterpillar, but... well... having a phobia to butterfly, my image of caterpillar isn't really a "cute" one. After a few tries, I finally able to make one that I like ^_^.

Sometimes I feel that I'm taking much too long to make a cake.... maybe I'll get better as I get more experience. I get disappointed sometimes though when I'm having trouble with things that I've done many times before, like applying the fondant or icing the cake. Eh... nobody's perfect right? That's why I gotta keep learning.... so if you ever need a cake or know anybody who needs a cake, let me know! hahaha

Meanwhile, enjoy this nice Father's day weekend! Toodles!