Thursday, July 29, 2010

Introducing: Honey & Tea

The past months have been truly busy! Work is busy as always, but in addition to that, my friend and I have been working on our little side project. We've been baking together on and off, and we have explored many different business ideas. I, being the conservative one, always hesitant in doing anything risky.... such as starting a business. However, I know that I have to start somewhere. So despite of my reluctance, I decided that this is safe enough and a good first step toward starting a business.

So, let me introduce to you (drumroll, please): Honey & Tea. Tah dah!
It's not a business. At least, not yet. Maybe it will be. Eventually.

Currently, we just like to experiment on different products. As an outlet for our experimentation, we host dessert tasting for our friends to come and taste our creations. We bake, they eat, and then they give us feedback as to what works and what doesn't. So it benefits both!

We just did our first dessert tasting last Sunday. It was a success, but I was dead tired afterwards!

The week prior to the event, work consumed most of my time.. I was too tired to bake after work. So I kept postponing my baking schedule, until before I realized it, it was already Friday :-(. I got off work, went home, and started baking again! Of course it wasn't a smooth sailing from there either. My teeny tiny oven just got fixed and I really haven't tested it much. So my first batch of macarons had to go to the trash :-(. They cracked cuz they were overheated.... I had to remake a second batch, baked them double panned, and thankfully they came out beautifully. It also took me about three hours to make and bake 1kg of pate a choux. Ridiculous, I say! :-p

In the end, everything worked out... and I learned a lot from this experience :-). We're hoping to do this periodically, but I need to really work on my schedule so I can keep my sanity... hehehe. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

end of the six-month internship!!


It's crazy how fast this year has been. I can't believe that I'm already at the end of my six-month period. It seems like it was just a while ago that I took the Pastry III class there...

Well, to say the least, life has been very interesting ever since I switched career :). Like the past weekend, I made this cake for another friend of mine. It's a simple and elegant little cake with a groom and bride figurine topper. I think they're quite adorable, if I may say so myself ;-).

Here's the final cake with the flowers and table set up....

I was having a little difficulty attaching the orchids since I'm not very familiar with working with fresh flowers... but I think I did alright.

So, now that the internship is over... I'm staying for a while! I'm now officially a full time baker for SFBI. There are still so much things to learn, and there's no better way to learn than by getting more experience!