Saturday, January 8, 2011

this blog is like a blank canvas to me now. i keep staring at the blank post, and i've no clue on what to write. it is now 2011. it's been one year since i made my leap of faith. ditched my previous career to pursue my dream, my passion, for baking. but now at the end of the year, i looked at my blog for archive of my achievements and all i saw was sparse posts with hardly any picture that shows accomplishments. while i see others posting on their blogs, one after another, more desserts, more cakes, more adventure... mine seems kinda... well... empty. even at the end of the year, i didn't even get to do my holiday baking. of course i baked at work, but that's work, and it's not the same.

so what have i done the last year? what have i accomplished?

i learned.

i learned about muscle memory. that i know when things are done right or wrong. my body knows when to stop mixing my cream. my eyes know when a cake batter is mix correctly or not.

and i learned about economy of movements. minimize your steps and keep your mise en place nearby.

i learned how to important it is to mise en place.

i learned that i know, my body knows, how to properly laminate croissant and puff pastry.

i learned that some people are arrogant. they think they know it all. and the louder they are, usually means the less they actually know.

i learned that there's so much more to learn.

now at the beginning of the new year, i'm starting to wonder, "what should i do next?". Cuz even after taking the leap of faith, i still don't feel content. i still want more, but I don't know what I want.

So we'll see...