Monday, October 31, 2011

The best skin care product from mother nature

The last few months I spent in the US, I was massively attacked by fleas.  Not that I was camping or anything, but the house that I was living in was having fleas that were so resilient.  As the result, I ended up with hundreds... I mean hundreds of bites all over my body.  I took meds, but nothing helped.  Even after months, the bites were still itching!

Few weeks ago, I went to Bandung with my mum and dad.  We visited Kawah Putih (White Crater).  It's a crater lake formed around a volcano... the view was gorgeous.

We've all heard about the benefit of sulfur for skincare.  So my dad and I took some of the sulfur around the lake back home.

It is simply amazing!  I rubbed it directly on my skin, and the itchiness subsides!  Some bite marks just simply started to fade away.  I'm so excited.  Nature is simply amazing!


Then we stopped by at another lake, called Situ Patenggang.  There's a local folk story about a prince and a princess that were in love but got separated.  They were reunited around this lake.  And the spot where they got reunited became famous and known as lokasi batu cinta or "location of the love rock".  Tho there's so many rocks that I couldn't figure out which one is the love rock.....

"At the bottom of mount Patuha, where the weather is nice and the view gorgeous, there's a lake that tells a story about two beings that have been separated for a long while (Prince Santang and Princess Rengganis).  Because their love is so deep, they were finally reunited at a spot that is now known as the "love rock".  This rock became the silent witness of their reunited love."

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bogor Botanical Garden

Kebun Raya Bogor, a beautiful gem in the middle of the busy and crowded Bogor.  It's the house of the "bunga bangkai" or Amorphophallus titanium.  Bunga Bangkai literally translated to dead flower.  Supposedly it feeds from live insects that fly around it.  It's not blooming this time around... but there are lots of other lovely flowers there.  Especially in the orchid garden.

Oh... there are also lotsa butterflies.  After all... it is a botanical garden in the middle of of a tropical country :).  Despite of having entered the rainforest exhibit at the Cal Academy of Sciences,  I have not yet conquered my phobia of butterflies... :-p.  There were the occasional squealing and running away from butterflies...

"I'm on crutches" 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baker, not a Writer ^_^

Okay... I've been bad in updating this blog again ^_^.

I thought now that I have no job, I would have more time to keep this blog up to date.  One tiny little detail.. internet connection here sux!! hahah Well it's not that bad...  I'm just making excuses. :)

As of tomorrow, I would have been here for ONE MONTH!! I can't believe it.  Time really does fly!   I had a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle here.  Major cultural shock after not having set foot in this country for ten years or so.  I'm starting to get used to things by now.  So far I've ate a lot of good stuff, experienced many interesting things... like a fire at a house a few blocks down the road, hail, pouring rain with thunder that shook the ground, and got sick.  I've also been baking a lot with my mum and my aunt.  Finally joined a gym cuz I feel like my pants are getting tighter and tighter.

Speaking of being sick... people always say that anyone who comes back from the States to Indonesia will definitely get sick from eating the food.  I didn't get any sickness when I first got here.  Only until three or four weeks later I finally got what Indonesian called "masuk angin".  Literally translated, it means that the wind has entered your body and caused a wreckage in your system... masuk = enter, wind = angin.  It's a really weird type of "sickness" as the symptoms could be anything from a simple headache, body ache, to fever, throwing up, diarrhea, etc.  Typically you'll also be burping a lot!  That signifies the wind trying to exit your body.  The most common thing people do to cure this "sickness" is to "kerokin" your back...  Basically, you would use a coin and some cream to scratch your back until it's red or even black. Supposedly, that way the wind can exit your body more easily.  Dunno if I really believe in this.... but I really did burp a lot!  And despite of the fact that I didn't like being scratched on my back till it's bruised, somehow I felt a lot better after my mum kerokin me.  Maybe it's the love hahaha...

Anyway... now my mum's turn to get "masuk angin". My turn to give her some lovin'!!