Monday, March 5, 2012

when life gives you lemon ...

... make lemonade, and it might be surprisingly yummy!

Back to Indo and I can't help to constantly think about how lucky I am to get the opportunity to explore so many different places, meet so many incredible people, eat so much delectable foods, and view so many of nature's beauties.

I guess now that my travel is seemingly coming closer to ending, I'm starting to reminisce on all the wonderful things that had happened the past six months.  Crazy how fast time flies.  Crazy how much I've learned and grown.  I know that my travel will never truly come to an "end".  Now that  I've tasted the joy of traveling, I'm sure I will continue traveling.  It's just that this one is special, cuz it's truly my coming out to the world on my own.   

*little treasures on my aunt's garden*

I'm slowly planning for my trip back to the States now.  I feel giddy sometimes, to the point that I could not fall asleep!  Going back to the States means going back HOME.  I can't wait to go back to the familiar places [oh how I miss you, San Francisco!!!!], and meeting with all my lovely family and friends.  But at the same time, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the time I spend in OZ so much that I really can't wait to go back there again hahaha... I guess I'm still human after all!!

One of the best parts of my trip is the fact that I almost meet with every one of my cousins!  Coming from such large families, I have relatives all over the world.  But because I've been in the States for so many years, I have kinda lost touch with many of them. I didn't think I would be able to meet with all of them again, but as faith would have it, I was SO FRIGGIN' LUCKY to meet with almost all of them.  Even had a chance to hang out, work out, chat, sing, and even have deep conversations with them... 

*can't get enough macarons and lattes*

*who needs flip-flops when you have tan lines like one? ^^*

*beautiful sunset in Melbourne*

*Clovely beach, Sydney*

I'm in a good place right now.  Life is good.  I feel good.  

So many things I want to share with whoever is reading this blog!!  I still need to write about my macaron hunt in Sydney and Melbourne, but I think that'll have to wait till when I have more free time.  TWO more weeks in Indo, and I'm going to spend it to the fullest by doing what I love the most and with the people that matters the most ;).