Sunday, January 19, 2014


It is so easy to get lost.

Physical action.

All diluted.  Yet separated. Pulled apart to many different directions.

Run, run, run.
Ah..  the adrenaline rush from all the excitements.
But where am I running to?  What am I running for?  Why... am. I. always. running?

I ran till I hit a wall.

I ran till everything feels like it's falling apart.  Chaos.  Mis-aligned.

The soul forgotten.

Heart hurts.

From despair comes seeking.  When you seek, sometimes the universe sends answers.

From a vacation that didn't go through, to a coworker that suddenly got sick, to a possibility of a weekend gateway, to an unexpected trip, to an unexpected place, doing... what uncannily the essence of my being: yoga, dance, meditation.  All in the openness of nature and all its beauty.

The stars are aligned once more.  I met one of the most inspiring people in my life.  One who taught me how to dance.  To truly dance and embrace the uniqueness of simply. being. me.

With the moon shining brightly on one side, its reflection shimmering against the open ocean, the sun rising gently on another side, the pinkish-bluish-sky, the warm hot spring water against my skin, once again I felt bliss.

Pausing. Being in the present.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

dancing diamonds

That's what I called the sparkles of the sun's reflections in the water.
Natures beauty that cannot be captured by anything else but one's own eyes.

Today, I danced.
I danced like I've never danced before.
I let go of the self control, the self awareness, and just let the body DANCE.

The movements came so naturally.
The body became the extension of the heart.
Extending the arms. The legs.  Sliding forward. Backward. Ups. Downs. Spiraling. Adjusting each movements with my surroundings. Yet at the same time maintaining my own identity.

Today I finally truly danced like nobody is watching.

And it was oh... so... FUN!